Samarpan Synthetics
(Weaving Unit)

Samarpan Synthetics has a weaving capacity of more than 11 million meters per annum. The company 72 high speed air-jet looms from Tsudakoma.

36 looms of Tsudakoma 9100 of 1000 rpm and 190 cm (74 inch) width

36 looms of Tsudakoma 9200 of 1100 rpm and 210 cm (82 inch) width

Production capacity of 11 million meters per annum

Samarpan Synthetics
(Fabric Dyeing and Processing Unit)

Samarpan Synthetics acquired this unit in early 2020 and currently the unit is going through technological advancement. The unit is expected to start production in year 2021.

Satyam Suitings
(Weaving Unit)

Satyam Suitings, a unit started by the promoters in 1987, has a weaving capacity of 3 miilion meters per annum. The company has 44 Sulzer looms

24 looms are single width

20 looms are double width

Production capacity of 3 million meters per annum